Studio Ku Kan Nai

Studio Ku Kan Nai is a firm specializing in tailor-made space design, with a key focus on human lifestyle. Our total design concept spans architecture, interior and landscape.
By taking care of “Place, Function, Light, Material, Nature, Emotion, Scene” these 7 aspects, we carry out orderly design working process. “Human+Space+Event” is how we build up different living scenes. That’s also how we create Ku Kan Nai style.

ShaoRong Wang
Associate & Chief Architect

2004-2007ICS College of Arts (Interior & Architecture Design Major three year Course) in Tokyo, Japan
2007Receiving BA, (Bachelor of Arts) from Nottingham Trent University in the UK.
2007-2009Cat/C+A Tokyo (Coelacanth and Associates) Architecture Designer
2011-2013BUILD Lab. Manager / Design Director
2014Studio Ku Kan Nai Founder / Chief Architect
Jialei Zhu
Partner & Project Manager

2009-2013UCHIDA Project Manager
2013-2019BUILD Lab. Project Manager
2019Studio Ku Kan Nai Partner & Project Manager
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Overall Design of Architecture, Interior and Landscape

Research and Design of Urban Renewal

Curatorial Exhibition, Comments of Architecture

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